September 26, 2019

We seem to be bringing bad luck to our monthly meeting venues.  First China Buffet closes and we move to Marie Callender’s and they close.  On a trial basis Corky Guenter ’61 has set us up to meet October 3rd at our usual 1130 time at the Folsom Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Hall, located at 1300 Forest Street in Folsom.  Light lunch and private room.

We continue to watch football with the parents club at Players Sports Bar on Sunrise just of south Fair Oaks.  good food and good company.  As usual, the Air Force gang will join us on the 5th of October.

The chapter also now has a Facebook page that we are starting to use to put out the word. (A link is provided under ‘External Links’)

Beat Army

Denny Joyce’61