Col John McKay USMC (Ret) ’68 speech to Gold Star Families was published in the November 2019 Marine Corps Gazette. Snapshot of the article through link shown below. Or go to the Marine Corp Gazette to see the original copy.

McKay Speech

Subject: Robert Brinzer USNA ‘01

For those of you in the Renaissance Society, Robert Brinzer, ’01, will speak on Friday, November 8, as part of the Speaker Series on campus at California State University Sacramento. The series is presented each Friday, 1000-1130, in Alpine Hall, Room 204.

If you’re not a member or perhaps aren’t even aware of the Renaissance Society, you can obtain information about it at

Following is the blurb in the online course listing.

Nov. 8: Robert Brinzer, US Navy SEAL

Robert is a Navy SEAL veteran with degrees from the U.S. Naval Academy and the George Washington University. Robert left the Navy in 2006 and now calls Sacramento home. He will talk about his SEAL training and his transition to civilian life.

Dave McKie ‘66

Football up, the chapter is happy. Every week we go to Players Sports Bar on Sunrise below Fair Oaks and enjoy the game with our parents club. Army alums will join us again for the big game on December 14th.

Thanks to Frank Blake ’68 we now have a website here on the national chapter.

Our monthly meetings have been moving around as it seems as soon as we choose one restaurant, it closes. Our next meeting on first Thursday of the month (Nov 7th) at 1130 will be at Brookfields 4343 Madison Ave.

Finally, it is dues time again. Send your $20 to Jack Everett ’64 at 1840 Starview Lane, Lincoln Ca 95648.


Denny Joyce ’61